Our Commitment To 'The New Normal'

The safety of our guests and visitors is always our Number One priority. We would like to reassure you that we are taking every step possible to ensure your well-being is not compromised during your stay with us.


Our reputation for safety and cleanliness has enabled us to have the privilege of continuing to operate during the lockdown period for our key workers.


During this period, we have been working on very detailed plans so that our guests and visitors’ experience and well-being will not be compromised as Bolton Whites operates in this ‘new world’. 


From Monday 6 July 2020, we will reopen our hotel and we will continue to update our guests with the latest information.


To deliver this ‘new normal’ we have been liaising closely with our suppliers and our health and safety team as well as keeping on top of the ever-evolving Government and industry guidance to adapt and ensure that our business and hospitality service practices are followed meticulously. 


We want to ensure that your faith, confidence and trust in our levels of safety and cleanliness will remain as we look forward to welcoming you back to Bolton Whites.


Our emphasis on hygiene has always been paramount, but we have introduced some additional procedures so you can be confident of your safety – please click here to familiarise yourself with them.


The team at Bolton Whites really looks forward to welcoming you back very soon but in the meantime, please either call 01204 673610 or email info@boltonwhiteshotel.co.uk



Suzanne Speak, General Manager, Bolton Whites Hotel.


  Last Updated: 26th June 2020