Getting to know Hughie Fury

Ahead of his British heavyweight title fight against Sam Sexton at Macron Stadium on May 12, boxer Hughie Fury sat down for an exclusive chat with Bolton Whites Hotel.

Bolton Whites: So Hughie – your training camp has started again ahead of your fight here next month. How is this going?

Hughie Fury: It's going really well, intense but I’m on form and as focused as ever.

BW: Why have you chosen here as your base again?

HF: I first came here just over two years ago. It's got everything I need, amazing facilities and the staff are brilliant.

It’s great when I come back after two gruelling training sessions and the staff here, many of whom have become lifelong friends and banter with me.  I feel at home here and can relax and recoup once the sessions are over.

BW: How do you prepare for a fight?

HF: I have a small but great loyal hard working team around me, we all work so hard physically and mentally getting ready for the fight, we leave nothing to chance.  Even when I'm not preparing for a fight I still train and keep on top of my fitness and conditioning.  I basically eat right, sleep and train, train, train.

BW: How do you feel after your last controversial  result, that must have been hard to stomach?

HF: It was, but hand on heart I believe I won that fight. I don’t look back or put it down as step back, I’ll let the fist of fury do the talking on the 12th May.

BW: Your dad is your trainer and you obviously have a very good relationship, how do you differentiate between dad and trainer?

HF: (Laughs) I'm very lucky that my dad trains me; he is undoubtedly the best of the best.  Many think I box because of my name or because of my dad, but that’s not true, I’m a born fighter it’s in my blood and dad does this because of me, he works me hard, very hard, knows my limits and pushes me to be the best I can be.  I respect him a lot and never question when he asks me to do something  (in the gym anyway!) or train  in a certain way, that’s why this works.  Don’t get me wrong there are times when my body feels so sore and broken my dad is so motivational and gets me through but the unsung hero in our family is my mum.  She is the rock behind us all and when times seem low and so hard and my body feels broken she just turns up and takes the reigns for both me and my dad.  Its always in the back of my mind that dad takes every punch with me, is with me for every training session and feels it just as much as I do, thank God for my mum!

BW: You have a large family, 3 sisters and 2 brothers, how do they feel about your chosen career and being the fist of fury?

HF: (laughs) I've had enough practice with the fist of fury growing up with my two older brothers! To be fair they are very supportive of me, here for all my camps.  My youngest sister, Sissy, is on this camp with us, she is training twice a day with me. It's great to have her by my side, we are very close…however I think my father is dreading the day she turns round and says she wants to fight, don’t think that would ever happen or be allowed (laughs)

BW: It’s widely reported that Tyson will return to the ring this year, will you be supporting him?

HF: It's great that Tyson is back on form, of course I will wish him the very best for all his up and coming fights as I am sure he will do the same for me.

BW: Tell us something no one knows about you? 

HF: Ha ha  I can’t answer that! Ok, let me think.. I was always up to mischief as a kid, always the daredevil child, my brothers and I would always toy fight. I remember it got a little out of hand one day between us all and I think that’s when my dad first called me the fist of fury!

BW: What’s the best bit of advice you have received?

HF: From my dad, never give up, no matter how hard things get you must never give up!

BW: What tips can you pass on to any young boys or girls who want to take up boxing?

HF: Stay focused, train hard and push your limits, when it gets really tough know that it’s a temporary phase and all tough times pass.

BW: What do you do in your down time when you aren’t training or preparing for a fight?

HF: (Laughs) I can’t really recall a time I haven’t been preparing for a fight or a time when I’ve not trained or pushed myself.  I’m not into the party scene and I don’t drink, I love spending time up at my parents’ house in the lakes.  I love the outdoors and just keeping things simple, spending time with family and friends.

BW: Although you are nowhere near the end of your career how do you want to be remembered?

HF: He fought, he tried, he succeeded! Simples! But more importantly respected by good people!

BW: Can we now count on you as a BWFC fan?

Absolutely, however, not going lie, growing up closer to Manchester I have always supported the Reds; however, being here the last two years, getting to know the staff, fans and players I find when I’m not here I'm checking the scores, rooting for the lads, I have such a soft spot for this club and the people in it.  This is the club I'llbe telling my kids about.  The welcome I have had here and the banter, which is hilarious with the staff spurs me on and I have promised them I will put on a world class fight and line up on the pitch in the not so distant future.

To buy tickets for Hughie’s fight against Sam Sexton here at Macron Stadium on Saturday 12 May, please click here.